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The Nautical Company (thenauticalcompany.com) is an online luxury clothing boutique of nautical & Breton yachting fashion clothes for women, men and children. We specialise in classic authentic Breton clothing like the heavy weight striped shirt and sailing & yachting sweaters. We also introduce a Prêt à Porter collection of unique high quality nautical fashion. Made of luxury fabrics such as cashmere, fine merino wool or jersey cotton, our range marries city style with sailor elegance. All our garments are carefully selected for the quality fabric, uniqueness, attention to detail in the finish and finally, for that certain "je ne sais quoi". "We cater for all ages, all styles, with modish Breton striped tops for the younger generation and some chic and classic nautical pieces for the refined and sophisticated woman." says founder Sandrine Wyatt-Gonord. http://www.thenauticalcompany.com
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Cashmere for Style and Comfort

Fashion is playing a very influential part in our everyday lives and when it comes to woman it becomes significant even more. No wonder women would love to fulfill their never ending thirst for fashion and making themselves good even in winter! Fur coat, not only will make them look good and sensible but also will portray a picture of elegance. Mink fur coats, sable fur coat dress rabbit fur coats are adding versatile features into it. If someone prefers soft coats which have thick under fur with long hair then there cannot be any alternative for Fox fur coats. This has become one of the most finest and most popular amongst the fur coats especially prepared for women. Multicolored furs with soft and silky pelts are known as Chinchilla fur which in no way can go unnoticed.


Swimwear from Diane von Furstenberg

For BeachFashionShop customers the New Year starts with a special fashion feature and another deluxe label that highlights the femininity of any woman with exceptional fashion. Trendy designer Diane von Furstenberg, who started her career in 1972 with the legendary wrap dress, knows what women love. Her deluxe lifestyle label particularly excels with the collection of dresses but also with stylish accessories and exclusive swimwear.

The modern and timeless creations of the Grande Dame of dress design - Diane von Furstenberg - are now available at Beach Fashion Shop. The leading online shop for designer swimwear offers an exclusive selection of her stylish dresses that suit every figure and taste. From the stylish black maxi dress to dresses with floral designs to airy tunic dresses with precious embroideries and highly fashionable details. The wide range in the online shop also offers a beautiful selection of extravagant bikinis and casual tunics as well as matching accessories created by the American top designer.


party dresses

Nowadays parties have become a must for everyone. It can get to gathers or birthday parties or send off parties etc. Such parties are all time to celebrate for young people. For parties, people go for shopping and buy gowns for them which is either too small or too tight. They wanted to show themselves slim. Nowadays in the market they have started selling Women special occasion dresses as a separate division itself. This is because Women give more importance to their dressings compared to Men. Rather wearing tight dresses, you can go for plus size dresses that are available in the market in wide range of collections. These plus size dresses also gives you the same attraction and makes you look slim. You also get plus size dresses in the market and make your choice how you want it. It is not that if you go for discount dresses then you will have to compromise on the quality of the material, you get good quality material in these plus size dresses.
The dress designers are becoming practical nowadays and started designing dresses for various sizes and also the manufacturers have started producing dresses to all sizes starting from swim suit to any large size dress. So if you want to go for a party with a pretty gown then you can visit these show rooms and select a perfect plus size dress. In these show rooms you also get plus size dresses available. The designs of the dresses are designed in such a way that it do not show out your problem areas in your structure. Those dresses will be very attractive and make you look thinner to some extent.
For ladies who are fat and who always look out for large sized dresses, they can opt for plus size cocktail dresses. These dresses have been manufactured especially for ladies who are big and fat. Few tips are like you can go with an over coat for a party, you should wear heels if you are too short, also you should not wear dresses with big flowers etc because this make you look even more fat. Plus size cocktail dresses are now becoming famous since it is available in all sizes people opt to buy such dresses only. So if you are getting ready for going to a part then need not worry about your dress choice because nowadays you get varieties of dresses in different sizes. Hence women special occasion dresses are getting popular day by day.
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